Grazia Bagnaresi’s professional adventure starts in the early ’70 when she decided to leave the University of Law to dedicate herself to her biggest passion ever: clothes.

It was that epic period in which the “Made in Italy” began enchanting the world and showing off his value, that Grazia, grown up between fabrics and clothes’ models, started creating refined articles of clothing.

Every single piece has its own character and personality, given by Grazia’s love and expressed now by a little shiny particular and then by the originality of a hardly searched fabric, material, cloth, texitile. Difference is made by passion.

The richness of materials, the sophisticated combinations, the choice of colors and the sobriety of shapes did and keep on doing the fortune of the brand, that today is well known in Italy and abroad as an historical yet innovative ‘maison’.

This continuos passion and desire to search and innovate has brought every day new ideas in the laboratory/workroom. This is more than ever since 2000, year in which she came in with a brand new passionate fashion lover, her son Jacopo. Young and enterprising, Jacopo developed a new branch in the factory: stylistic advisory/consulting service.

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